A modest gift to the world – a blog with renewed purpose

For a long time, I have debated whether or not I should even share my website unlastwords.com but I’ve decided to do so anyway. In addition to the outlined purpose, I re-dedicate my blog with renewed purpose.

Why am I sharing my website with you?

  • I’ve been so blessed by God, I feel I have an obligation to share
  • So I can communicate it effectively, and try to lead by example – I have so much in my head I need to write it out to gain clarity, so I can share in person when the occasion is appropriate, or remind myself
  • Ideas have consequences, even when I know what I write will always be imperfect – I can’t wait to publish it until it is perfect (of course I try) but I already have been waiting to publish for over a year
    • I will fail but is is a win-win situation:
      • when I am wrong I will hopefully be corrected
      • whether I am right, any truth that I may say will speak for itself
    • Bad critics will be bad critics, decent people will contribute their perspective – I don’t care what the culture thinks except to understand, to help; I like getting different perspectives but I will live my own way the best way I know how. Mutual learning would be nice but not expected
  • There is a need in this world especially for future generations:
    • So I can practice being a father – it is said that one really doesn’t understand as deeply, until they teach it to others
    • We are at war to reclaim our culture, let’s get our own lives together to affect what we can

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