Contemporary Problems (Revision 9)

See my life manual for more context or see the contemporary problems mindmap where I derive this list. For solutions see Time, Treasure, and Talent, or see the ultimate solution directly.

  • Spiritual Challenges:
    • Dehumanization
    • The Century of Self — a major psychology of society, narcissism
    • Degradation of values
  • Intellectual Challenges:
  • Physical Challenges:
    • Too much dependency instead of self-sufficiency – a form of control
    • Energy and resource problems:
      • Water shortages
      • Oil shortages and war
      • Nuclear
    • Ongoing war
    • Naive attitude toward potential natural disasters e.g. solar flare emp
  • Social Challenges:
    • Loss of Christian Identity in Europe and the West
      • Vacuum filled by muslims, some who are islamic terrorists
    • Communism/Socialism
      • The 4 goals of Marxism:
        • Destroy the family:
          • lie about the inherent “in-equalities” of men and women
          • make the government the “daddy”
        • Destroy private property:
          • Impose regulation
          • Control the food supply e.g. Monsanto
        • Destroy religion:
          • God is a challenge to their fabricated reality and thirst for power
          • Humans have rights
        • Destroy the nation:
          • Destroying the American Dream
    • Replacing God with government
    • The Lost Generations who do not know they are lost:
    • The new crusade: Radical islam vs the West who has lost their identity
  • Family Challenges:
  • Challenges in Careers and Jobs:
    • International competition
    • Outsourcing
    • Lack of skilled workers
    • Automation
  •  Economics


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