Loving my spouse the best way possible

I find myself having to explain myself over and over again why I am against something, but instead of saying of doing so perhaps I should state why I am in favor of a particular belief (especially when trying to find a prospective spouse online!)

Why I am in favor of absolutely loving my spouse the best way possible:

I believe in a love that is faithful, fruitful, total, and a freely-given love, even a sacrificial love. I believe that the man should faithfully love with Jesus as an example, both man and woman should be faithful to create a deep sense of trust and respect, and thus communication and teamwork. I believe love should be total and pure.. not half-hearted. I want to love my future spouse absolutely the best way possible. God’s grace is necessary because humans alone cannot love so purely, so totally, like Jesus does. He can try and with God’s grace, he can. Of course it won’t be easy, there will be sacrifice. There will be struggle. Yet there will be joy because the love is real. There will be a true intimacy because there is deep trust and both would love with the kind of love that lasts for a life-time – a love that does not value the body more than the soul i.e. the person. In other words, a love that loves a person for who they are and not what they can get from that person – this is why I am against contraception and will not enter a relationship without first sharing this belief, because I feel strongly that this beautiful love is not only possible, it is worth fighting for.

Is this not the desire of every heart? True intimacy in love, to love and be loved? Love and be loved the best way possible?

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