What does “Present of Presence” mean?

This is my humble present to you: a Gift of God.  The name of Jesus as “Emmanuel” means “God with us”: implied in the name of Jesus is His desire to give us His legacy, His presence to us.  Thus I want to give the gift of my presence, the gift of my inheritance to you.  The name of Jesus in Hebrew means “God saves” thus like God as Good Father, I want to embrace you and bless you.

While it seems most people [if they think of giving an inheritance] intend to give it at the end of their life, I realized that I could give more if I started to give now while I’m still alive.  I don’t just want to give a material inheritance, I want to give the best inheritance possible – one that would last from generation to generation unto eternity.  This blog is my attempt to write a life manual; these are what my last words would have been but now unwinded for you i.e.: “unlastwords“.


  • Any posts before June 10, 2012 (a purpose of purpose) are collected from my old blogs and some journal entries; I’ve modified the dates to match as close as possible and have linked them to my life manual.
  • As you may have noticed, many of the pages have a revision number; as I try to practice what I preach, I update the pages when I learn something new or need to make corrections.
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