Nathan’s ABCs

A set of ABCs on how to live life:
A – be Adaptable; be with the Holy Spirit
BBe yourself by trusting in God
CCommunicate through trust; be Courageous
DDiscipline of will is love; do your duty, do your best, let God take care of the rest
E – strive for Excellence; Energy is a limited resource
FFreedom is choosing what is right
Gshow Gratitude, be grateful
Hbe Honest and Humble; being Humble is seeking the Truth and living it
IInitiate Love
JJesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life; God is Love; Joy = Jesus, Others, You
K – be Kind
LLead by Example, Love as God loves
MLove is the measurement by which God will judge us
N – if you aim at Nothing, you’ll hit it every time, No failure is permanent, except Not getting back up, and Not trusting in God
Obe Obedient to authority, learn from those who lead the herd
Pcorrect Practice, makes Perfect; there is only one priority, focus on God
QQuality Time is a limited resource
Rbe Response-able; live in the moment
SStop doing Stupid Stuff
T – be the type of person that trusts until someone has broken it; People who trust are stronger because they risk more
UUnderstand why
Vget a fresh View, develop the Vision; long term goals diminish short term failures
Wlove is War against evil, pride, falsehood, manipulation, confusion
Xdaily eXamination of Visions and Goals
YLove your neighbor as Yourself; You cannot give what you don’t have
Zbe Zealous for Life and have fun

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