Love is war

“No, God is a lover who is a warrior. […] Love is at war with hate, betrayal, selfishness, and all love’s enemies. Love fights. Ask any parent. Yuppie-love, like puppy-love, may be merely “compassion” (the fashionable word today), but father-love and mother-love are war.”


Read the whole article; it’s well worth it.

I wanted to add: the enemy is within; it’s a spiritual warfare and it ties into the second greatest commandment – Love one another as you love yourself:

  • you can’t give what you don’t have
  • you can’t love what you don’t know, if you don’t know yourself, you don’t really love yourself
  • to what extent can you love others if you don’t know yourself?
  • always be free of mortal sins; you can’t be sure you are thinking clearly if you are not in the state of grace
  • find a good spiritual director and pray the rosary often
  • ask God to let you see yourself as He sees you because humility is seeking out the truth; let the Holy Spirit lead and work from there

Fight for Love, be not afraid to suffer for love!

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